3 Tips To Keep Your Classroom Clean

After working with countless educators and Janitors here at Quality Cleaning Contractors we know it can be difficult to keep any classroom learning environment clean. This can also go hand in hand for adults, especially in their home and office. However, the challenge is doubly hard in a classroom, because we realize that the first step to a productive learning environment is to have a safe and clean environment. Luckily, we have learned with some experience how to effectively manage a classroom, and that includes keeping it clean. Here are three Tips To Keep Your Classroom Clean.

Purchase a Safeguard Foaming and Sanitizer Touchless Dispenser and install at door.

One of the first steps we suggest is to take advantage of the many new products that are out there to help aid teachers in providing a nice, clean environment for students and anyone that may visit. We have found that one of the best products to use would be the Safeguard Foaming and Sanitizer Touchless Dispenser, because it requires very little effort from anyone needing to stay clean and it also keeps an areas remarkably clean on a constant basis. Place this on the wall right next to the entrance of the classroom so that when the children enter the classroom they can sanitize their hands and when they leave they can clean their hands as well!

Keep paper towels at arm’s length.

As an contractor carpet cleaner, we are also aware of how often kids have a tendency to spill things. That’s why we suggest having centers throughout my classroom with paper towels so that messes are minimized. We suggest having about 3 different paper towel rolls in three easy to get to area so that any spill and stains are avoided! We have experienced to many fruit punch carpet stains in out time!

Get the kids involved.

Finally, after every class we suggest giving out a disinfective wipe and make the kids wipe their desk and seat before they leave for the day. This not only aids in keeping the classroom clean, but it also teaches them important skills such as how to responsible and take care of their workstation and other areas. It is so easy to spread germs from classmates to classmates!


Leave it Up to the Experts

Quality Cleaning Contractors has been performing School Cleaning Contract work for years. The experience and encounters we have witnessed has allowed us to share these valuable tips with the amazing teachers who do such an amazing job on a daily basis! If you are tired of cleaning up the messes yourself….give Quality Cleaning Contractors a call!