Choose Quality Cleaning: Best Floor Cleaning Company in Philadelphia

Choose Quality Cleaning: Best Floor Cleaning Company in Philadelphia

First impressions are everything. Having your floors cleaned and clear of clutter can give your customers a great first impression to keep them coming back to your store, and keeping your office floors professionally cleaned and maintained can enhance your clients’ experience when they walk in. If you need your floors cleaned, Quality Cleaning Contractors is the best floor cleaning company in Philadelphia and we are here to serve you.

Floor cleaning services

Quality Cleaning Contractors specializes in floor stripping and waxing and hardwood floor cleaning, and we also do vinyl, ceramic, and marble surface cleaning. We have the most advanced floor care tools to give you the best floor cleaning job possible.

Cleaning can only do so much – if your office floors see a lot of foot traffic, you need to have your floors stripped and waxed regularly. Floor stripping and waxing is essential to keeping your floors clean and protected and looking shiny and new. Regularly waxing your floors can enhance the professional look in your place of business and keep your clients coming back.

How is floor stripping and waxing different from cleaning?

Floor stripping involves cleaning, but it also includes removing any old wax, dirt, and debris from the floor. It’s necessary to have a flat, clean surface before applying the new wax. Once the floors have been stripped and have had time to dry, waxing is the next step. A layer of wax is applied to the floor one section at a time, and additional layers of wax are applied after it has dried and set.

There are many advantages to having your floors regularly stripped and waxed instead of just having them cleaned. Flooring like hardwood and linoleum get scratches and dents very easily, and floor waxing can help protect floors from damage and preserve them. Waxing also protects against spills and stains, so it will keep your floors cleaner for much longer.

Showing that you care about the cleanliness and appearance of your floors shows your clients that you take extra steps to be professional and presentable. If you are interested in cleaning and floor stripping and waxing, the best floor cleaning company in Philadelphia is here to help.

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