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Looking for a Office Cleaning Contractor serving Newtown PA? Look no further than Quality Cleaning Contractors!

One under appreciated aspect of doing business is cleanliness. This is because, patrons will be reluctant to return to an establishment if it isn’t clean and tidy. This is especially true in the commercial sector where appearance is of the utmost importance. However, industrial facilities must be kept tidy as well in order to meet government sanctioned requirements.

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Fortunately for business owners in Philadelphia, Trenton and Conshohoken — Quality Cleaning Contractors Incorporated can provide a litany of janitorial services. A business’s floors are under constant bombardment from the feet of the visitors. However, professional floor waxing can remove weeks or even months of dirt and debris. We even offer floor stripping and carpet cleaning services. Regardless of whether you need commercial or industrial cleaning, we can satisfy all your requirements.

Why We’re Better

We differ from other janitorial services, because we send a managerial team to every site to ensure the cleaning team is performing at a satisfactory level.  Whether you need a school or office to be cleaned, our business should be the first service you contact. The employees recognize the importance of meeting health and safety regulations. Quality Cleaning also offers porter services, making my company one of the most complete in the janitorial business.