Commercial Cleaning Newtown PA

Looking for a Commercial Cleaning Contractor serving Newtown PA? Look no further than Quality Cleaning Contractors!

Most managers feel comfortable handling a vacuum cleaner, but most are not experts on cleaning an entire office facility, not to mention most have much on my plate than to visit the building and clean ever few days.

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What sets Quality Cleaning Contractors, Inc apart from the rest is the floor stripping and waxing we do. During the winter months, it really is difficult to keep a floor clean, we have been in countless businesses that have the dry salt and grime in the front walkway. While this is just a natural part of the season, it is something we really try to avoid as much as possible. Many buildings do receive a large amount of foot traffic, which is exactly why Quality Cleaning Contractors keeps the floors clean with a fresh stripping and waxing!

Beyond just these services, Cleaning Contractors, Inc also is able to provide exceptional cleaning offerings for the rest of the business. This includes washing windows, dusting and cleaning every single corner of the building, and keeping the place both looking and smelling great.