Easy Tricks to Make Christmas Dinner Cleanup a Breeze

Inviting your family and friends over for Christmas Dinner, brings on a lot of stress to prepare the table and all the food and make sure the house is clean. We know its a head ache.  Then to spend hours cleaning up afterwards brings on even more stress.We suggest having Christmas Dinner at a relatives house and offer to help them clean the dished but if all else fails here is some tips on how to keep your house clean on Christmas Day! To make your holiday and dinner more enjoyable, here are some tips to make cleanup a snap:

Ask guest to remove their shoes before entering your home.

This way they are not tracking in more dirt to your floors from outside. For elderly and disabled guests, who can fall without knowing your floors, ask them to wipe their shoes extra good.

Serve the food Yourself Rather Than Buffet Style

This is a sure bet way to avoid food getting dropped on your floors or carpets when you have a buffet. Sit where you can get up and move about freely to serve your guests. There will be a lot less spills and crumbs falling on the floor and the table.

Do not use glitter decorations because glitter goes everywhere!

That is more to clean up all around. You can get good Thanksgiving decorations at the dollar store for a dollar that do not have parts that fall off.

Use disposable plates, cups and utensils.

Have the kitchen and dinning room garbage pails ready, lined with empty bags for when your guests arrive. This way they throw away the plates, cups and utensils when they are done with them. This involves a lot less cleaning on your part.

Keep the sink fill with water and detergent to immediately soak the pans in there after they are emptied. If you have a dishwasher, load that after each coarse. That cuts the time and work in half. Ask your guests to help with the cleanup and award them with something afterwards like a holiday movie. Kids can have fun getting exercise while sweeping the floors and doing a good job after the meal. These are a few of the tips Quality Cleaning Contractors has thought up over the years of commercial cleaning experience.