Electrostatic Cleaners

What is Electrostatic Disinfecting

Quality Cleaning Contractors uses electrostatic cleaners to remove any kind of biological germs and bacteria. Electrostatic cleaners spray a charged disinfectant solution evenly over a surface. The charged disinfectant will then bind to the surface and eliminate any bacteria it comes in contact with. Electrostatic cleaners do not remove physical dirt from a surface they instead spray a disinfectant that is charged so the disinfectant won’t stay together. This allows the cleaner to spread the disinfectant more evenly across a surface. The charged disinfectant will then surround and eliminate the bacteria particles.

Why Use Electrostatic Disinfecting

Elbow grease and cleaning solution are a great first step in disinfecting, but it is  impossible to disinfect every inch of surface area in a building this way. Not only is it extremely costly in terms of labor, but also unrealistic in terms of time available. Germs and bacteria spread into hard-to-reach surfaces faster than we can clean them away. Colony-forming units of bacteria and viruses are hiding in many areas that we cannot access with current methods and equipment.

Imagine trying to apply a disinfecting solution to all the crevices that exist in a hospital, including wheelchairs, walkers, beds and other medical equipment. Additionally,  offices, which is another critical cleaning environment. There are a vast number of commonly touched areas that are potentially covered in pathogenic bacteria, like keyboards, phones, and desks. Remember that we are disinfecting to have a positive impact on workplace absenteeism as well as the overall health of a facility.

Electrostatic disinfection provides a step that can now effectively augment the current process that facilities use to protect the public from nonsocial and community based pathogens. They can also augment SOPs for facilities that are building out infection control programs. Successful infection control programs rely not just on good process but the right tools to manage facility health.

Covid Cleaning Services

The Coronavirus has been spreading and there have been a rapidly increasing amount of cases reported in the United States. This year has also been a troubling one for those impacted by the flu, with over 26 million Americans infected and 18,000 deaths this flu season. Those with a high risk tend to be the elderly and those with underlying health issues. Quality Cleaning Contractors is sympathetic during these catastrophic times, many businesses have heightened concerns.

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