Floor Stripping and Waxing Services Bring a Shine to Philadelphia

If your office or school floors see a lot of foot traffic, you need to regularly have your floors stripped and waxed. Floor stripping and waxing is essential to keeping your floors clean and protected and looking shiny and new. Regularly waxing your floors can enhance the professional look in your place in business and keep your clients coming back. Summer is the perfect time to give your floors a fresh look, and our team at Quality Cleaning Contractors can take that task off your hands with our services for professional floor stripping and floor waxing in Philadelphia.

What is floor stripping and waxing?

Floor stripping involves cleaning and removing any old wax, dirt, and debris from the floor to have a flat, clean surface before waxing. Once the floors have been stripped and have had time to dry, waxing is the next step. A layer of wax is applied to the floor one section at a time, and additional layers of wax are applied after it has dried and set.

floor stripping and waxing in Philadelphia

Why do I need floor stripping and waxing?

There are several advantages to having your floors regularly stripped and waxed. Flooring like hard wood and linoleum are prone to getting scratches and dents, and floor waxing can help protect floors from damage and preserve them while helping diminish the appearance of any existing dents. Waxing also protects against spill stains and creates a no-slip surface.

In addition to the durability and protection benefits, waxing improves the cosmetic quality of floors and gives them a finished and polished shine. Showing that you care about the cleanliness and appearance of your floors speaks volumes to clients and visitors.

How often is stripping and waxing needed?

We know it’s not always at the top of your mind as a business owner, but we suggest getting your floors stripping and waxing every six months to a year. Of course, the frequency will depend on what kind of business you operate, how much foot traffic your building has, and how well the floors are maintained and protected. A store with dozens of visitors each day will need more frequent attention than a small office, for example.

floor stripping and waxing in Philadelphia

Floor Waxing Philadelphia Residents Can Count On

At Quality Cleaning Contractors, we specialize in hardwood, vinyl, ceramic, and marble surface cleaning in schools, churches, doctor’s offices, grocery stores, construction companies, and more. Whether you’re in need of cleaning services in Bucks County, Philadelphia or anywhere in between—we can  give your business a polished shine!

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