Floor Stripping & Waxing Princeton New Jersey

Your Princeton, New Jersey building needs to be as clean and sanitary as you possibly can have it for the best rate. Quality Cleaning Contractors will do the best possible work and help to make your floors and the rest of your buildings the cleanest, shiniest, and most sanitary in the area. Our team of professional cleaning technicians uses only the most advanced stripping, waxing, and high-speed buffing equipment to ensure your floors stay in their best possible condition and look like new. We will remove any scuff marks and help to eliminate gouges as much as possible to make your floors shine and impress visitors with their cleanliness and sanitary conditions.

Skilled Floor-Cleaning Technicians

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At Quality Cleaning Contractors, we ensure all of our technicians are among the best in the field and undergo rigorous training to become the most skilled available anywhere. We pride ourselves on doing the best possible work and giving your Princeton, New Jersey, school the best value on flooring stripping and waxing. Our work crews are highly professional, pleasant to work with and never cut corners. No matter which types of flooring your school has, we can perform the best stripping and waxing service. We have the expertise to make your hardwood, vinyl, tile, and marble flooring look like it is brand new and impress the parents and visitors who come to your building for conferences, sporting, and special events.

In addition to our stripping and waxing services, Quality Cleaning Contractors will perform sweeping and mopping, carpet vacuuming, restroom cleanup and sanitation, and a wide range of other cleaning services for your school in Princeton, New Jersey. We can remove your trash, buff your floors, and we’ll even clean your windows. Our service is the best available in southern New Jersey and is done using local experts who have a true sense of community pride. Quality Cleaning Contractors has been in business for many years with decades of combined cleaning and janitorial services.

Accurate Estimates and Friendly Service

We can assess your school’s stripping, waxing, and other janitorial needs and will provide accurate estimates. All of our work is done on time and on budget. Instead of paying for full-time janitorial staff, you can pay us to do quality work for less.