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Looking for a Floor Stripping & Waxing Company serving Trenton New Jersey? Look no further than Quality Cleaning Contractors of Bensalem PA!

Quality Cleaning Contractors is a professional, experienced commercial cleaning company located in Bensalem PA and offering quality cleaning services to clients in Trenton New Jersey and Conshohoken PA. We offer the following janitorial services to businesses, offices and schools:  Commercial & Industrial Cleaning, Floor Stripping & Waxing, Office Cleaning, School Cleaning, Porter Services and Carpet Cleaning Services.

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Of particular interest to our clients is the maintenance of high traffic areas such as hallways, reception areas, walk ways and even gymnasium. Over time due to wear and tear and build up of cleaning residue, such areas can be difficult to clean and may look unattractive and appear unclean and require a process called floor stripping and waxing.  We specialize in floor stripping and waxing which involves the removal of accumulated dirt and cleaning products like wax, from any floor surface, including marble, hardwood floors and vinyl, and thereafter applying a high quality wax to leave a clean, glossy finish.

This is one of the most elaborate and intensive jobs in the industry so we ensure that our team is well trained to use our modern equipment,  cleaning and waxing products and use personal protective gear (safety gear) at all times. We ensure that they have all the necessary tools for the job to ensure a quality and timely completion. We understand that repeat jobs are a huge inconvenience to our clients, so we aim to get it right first time.

Safety of our clients and staff is paramount and our staff is well trained to avoid accidents and ensure that the appropriate products are used for the surface being stripped. Our staff will section off the area being cleaned and will mark it with safety cones and signs. We use only the highest quality cleaning and waxing products, that are also environmentally friendly. We ensure that our staff have the best in class products and are trained on how to mix them and use them. We have a big team which ensures that each client and each specific job can be attended to without delay.

With many years of experience we have come to be a trusted provider of floor stripping and waxing services. Our quality control ensures that we deliver consistently quality work to satisfied customers, who can focus on their core business and leave the cleaning to us.

For all your cleaning and janitorial however big or small, visit us: www.qualitycleaningcontractors.com