School Cleaning Washington Township, New Jersey

A school is more then just a building occupied by teachers and students.  It is a place of learning.  It is where children and adults enrich their minds, bodies and acquire new skills.  Within a school are the hearts of teachers, principals and administrators who love their jobs and want to make a difference in the lives of those who pass through their doors and classrooms.

School Cleaning Services

We too, at Quality Cleaning Contractors, Inc., have a passion for our profession.  We believe in quality and excellent service.  Our company name is the motto by which we work and service all of our clients.

We offer school cleaning services in Washington Township New Jersey.  Cleaning for a school is more then just a quick sweep of the floor or making the room ‘look’ good.  Cleaning for a school is about creating a healthy and safe environment for students and staff alike.   We understand schools may have a direct impact on a communities well being due to the passing of germs, bacteria and viruses.

Expert Cleaning Services

Quality Cleaning Contractors, Inc.,  uses the highest quality cleaning products to provide a community of wellness. Our cleaning professionals provide excellent bathroom sanitation, disinfectant and cleaning to kill bacteria where they like to breed.  We have the most advanced tools to ensure your gymnasium and floors are not only beautiful but receive the finest cleaning job, including buffing and waxing.  We can keep windows sparkling and remove trash and rubbish.

Don’t let your school’s cleanliness receive sub par grades.  We are here to help your school maintain and A average in health, wellness and tidiness.