School Cleaning Wilmington, Delaware

Looking for a School Cleaning Contractor serving Wilmington, Delaware? Look no further than Quality Cleaning Contractors!

Do you require a school cleaning service, if so, come to the experts Quality Cleaning Contractors Inc, who will provide a quality cleaning service combined with a regular inspections.  Every one of our cleaning sites is visited and inspected by a member of the management to ensure your school gets the service you expect from a major cleaning company. It doesn’t matter how big or small the contract everyone gets the same standard of service and personal attention.

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The inspection program ensures the cleaning is done to the highest standards at all times. The staff are hand selected and regular training in given to keep up our high standards. What’s more, we only employ staff who live near the site they clean. Every member of staff is trained and is up to date with all aspects of health and safety regulations. Before each contract begins staff are given detailed written instructions as to what the client requires, this saves error and helps efficiency.

School Cleaning

School cleaning requires a different approach to most contracts to ensure that the school remains a healthy environment. It doesn’t matter what sort of school, whether it is a High School, College, or University, you can be assured of the highest service and standard of cleanliness. We know school harbor germs and viruses and cleaning is an important part in ensuring that viruses are kept to a minimum. We do this by providing a cleaning service second to none, followed up my regular inspections. In addition, we will keep on top of disposing of rubbish, as it assists in promoting wellness, health and community safety.


Quality Cleaning Contractors Inc will ensure your school is cleaned to the highest standards possible. All staff will live nearby reducing absences and a qualified member of staff will visit your premises regularly to see that the very best service is provided at all times. Please call and have a chat on how we can help with your cleaning needs, your school can rely on our services and at a very competitive rate.