3 Easy Kids Chores That Will Keep Your Home Clean

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Your home is one of life’s simple pleasures. It’s where we tend to spend most of our time and it provides us with entertainment, refuge, and safety. Living in a home with kids can be challenging at times and if those kids won’t clean up after themselves; the entire home will certainly stop functioning to a degree or you as a parent might have a breakdown! We are not saying force your kids to do hard labor, but more so have them clean-up after themselves. Doing chores will instill good work ethic that will carry over to adulthood and here are 3 easy chores that kids can do for keeping the home clean and take some of the load off yourself!

Clean Your Own Room

For some strange reason, kids hate to clean their bedrooms. These rooms can be some of the junkiest places on earth at times, but with a little cleaning, bedrooms can become some of the best looking rooms in the entire house. Picking up dirty laundry is a necessity. Trips and falls can be hazardous if not careful and actually sends many people to the ER on occasions. Making the bed makes everything appear much more neater and are the finishing touches to any spectacular room. Removing toys and sweeping the floor are other good alternatives.

Dish Duty

Whether cleaned by hand or with a modern dishwasher; dishes should always be clean. Rotting foods will produce putrid smells if sitting out too long. These foods attract ants and bugs which can be a nightmare at times. Yuck! Having clean dishes is also a must especially if company is visiting. The home is a reflection of self so if you like being talked about behind your back; not doing the dishes is the way to go. Go ahead mom enjoy that glass of wine after a home cooked meal!

Taking Out The Trash

This is vital as well and it keeps the home functioning properly. Too much trash laying around gives off a cluttered feel. Just like dishes; trash attracts unwanted bugs such as ants, roaches, flys, gnats, etc. and gives the home that “fresh from the dumpster” effect.

These are just a few ideas that kids can do for maintaining a healthy home. It teaches discipline and work ethic that will carry into their adult years. These are just a few tips from Quality Cleaning Contractors; the area’s top commercial cleaning provider.