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We know that every customer has a very busy schedule. Which most likely means you don’t have time to worry about cleaning. In Quality Cleaning Contractors, Inc. We provide consistency in our service and we also make transitions as smooth as possible for our clients, that way they can focus on their work instead of the cleaning service, one less headache!

Here, we offer several cleaning services that include:

  • School cleaning A school directly impacts on the health of its students. You can hire us for cleaning your school.
  • Office cleaning and porter services Employees spend almost 40% of their days in office. Office environment influences the productivity of the office. We can clean your office and make it 100% hygienic.
  • Floor cleaning We have expert cleaners for your floor cleaning. We will use advanced methods to clean your floors so that you cannot complain.
  • Carpet cleaning Deep cleaning, dusting, vacuuming, dry cleaning, all are done by us. We remove all the dust, dirt, and bacteria from them and give you fresh super-clean carpets.
  • Electrostatic cleaning Electrostatic cleaners are highly advanced cleaners. It can be spread on any surface, and the cleaner will remove all bacteria and germs. So, if you want to disinfect any portion of your building, do call us.
  • Commercial and industrial cleaning We can also clean any commercial and industrial place. Our workers have years of experience in commercial cleaning, so you can rely upon us.