3 Tips on Keeping your Office Clean

Most people consider the office as a second home. Spending over 50 hours a week in a small office means that trash and dirt is bound to build up and this requires you to keep you area clean! Quality Cleaning Contractors decided to come up with a strategy to keep the everyday office tidy. No more looking for a pen or you car keys under piles of files and half-eaten meals!

Having a clean office not only brings clients back, it also works when you are trying to please your boss or exude professionalism. Setting aside a few minutes at the beginning of the day to clean up sets the mood for a good day of work. To help you get around your office without jumping over hurdles, here are three tips to use to keep it sparkly and professional at the office.

Dusting Your Desk

File it when you are done with it. Setting paperwork and documents aside to file later is a crime we have all committed. Many people have a big pile of incoming documents being processed, and religiously vowed to file, but they never leave the spot they started. By the end of the day, we are too tired and eager to get home that we push filing them to the next day. Ensure the documents are filed before processing another removes the mess from your desk, and also makes them easy to retrieve. You can also buy dusting wipes to wipe down your desk on a weekly or nightly basis. Air dusters can be used to spray on your computer screens or keyboards.


Eating at your desk sometimes impresses your boss because he thinks you can multitask but the crumbs are an eyesore. To get rid of the smell and stains, buy wipes for the electronics and throw out leftover trash on a daily basis to avoid nasty pests. Be sure to use outside trashcans for food so your small office space doesn’t smell like a pigs home!

Stock Bathroom with Cleaners & Air Fresheners

Bathrooms are used by staff and clients. A fragrant toilet cleaner and air fresheners ensure your clients will only talk about your services and not the state of affairs in your office toilet.

I used to leave the house hoping to be more productive than I was the previous day. Clean up your office or get someone to do it for you. They are an insured professional team that makes your office look like a dirt free office.

Quality Cleaning Contractors Bensalem, PA

Not interested in cleaning your office space yourself? Have a big office space and need a contractor to come in on a weekly or monthly basis? Contact Quality Cleaning Contractors to get the big or small job done right! Our team is insured, experienced and trained to bring you the best Commercial Cleaning Services in the Tri State Area!