Floor Stripping & Waxing Mt. Laurel, NJ

Looking for a Floor Stripping & Waxing Mt. Laurel, NJ company? Look no further than Quality Cleaning Contractors, Inc.

The state of the floor of your business premises says a lot about your level of expertise in managing a business. The floor can drive clients towards or away from your business. Poor floors are also a sign of poor management and are as dangerous as the flu, virus and bacteria found on them.

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At Quality Cleaning Contractors, Inc., we have a great management team that is located both online and offline and works hand in hand with both the client and the professional cleaning staff. This relationship ensures quality waxing and stripping process that keeps your floors vibrant and inviting.

Our wax and strip staff has been cleaning for many years initiating and upholding long term relationships with our clients in Pennsylvania and Delaware. Right now, we have opened our doors both online and offline right here in New Jersey to ensure that our services produce the best out of your business.

If you are a business in New Jersey, these benefits comes with your opting for us to take up your waxing and stripping work.

1. Experienced personnel

Our staff has a lot of professional experience. Getting up close and personal with you and listening to your preferences is just part of the pack. We have been in this business for many years hence we have a good grasp of the methods and strategies of proper floor waxing and stripping.

2. Time flexibility

We are available to work at anytime we are needed. This includes after official working hours. This ensures that you maximize your time with your clients before the cleaning staff show up. Your clients don’t have to keep evading cleaning staff.

However, we can show up during working hours on your call.

3. Specialized tools

We also understand that different type of floors need different type of tools for working. This includes the vinyl, marble, ceramic and hardwood floors. In this respect, we have tools to cater for each type of floor to bring out the best result.

We also have the latest waxing products for these types of floors. With our committal, sincerity and professionalism of our services, you can be sure that your individual needs and that of your business will be met.

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